How to merge members

The Member Merge Tool can consolidate two Member Profiles into one account within the same LeagueApps site. When a merge occurs, the Primary Member remains, and the primary member’s details are applied to the deleted Secondary Member’s Registration and Invoice histories.  Need help?  You can submit a Member Merge Request here.

⚠️ Member merges can only be performed by Org Account Admins or the Account Owner. Site Admins and lower do not have access to the member merge feature.

Example Use Cases

  • A Parent or Adult forgets their username, so they create a second Member Profile using a different email. They then want to consolidate the two accounts into one.
  • Two parents each create a Member Profile for one child and then want to consolidate the two duplicate child accounts into one.
  • When a customer can’t see an invoice on the user dashboard, the user may have duplicate accounts.

The Admin must select which duplicate member is the Primary Member (the account that will remain active) and the Secondary Member (the account that will be merged into the primary). The Primary Member should be the member with the email address the member is using to log in. 

Finding Potential Merges

Potential merges are found by looking for identical First Name / Last Name. Matching birthdates are not required and case sensitivity does not matter. The following scenarios will be identified as matches:

John Smith <> john smith
John Smith DOB 12/15/1989 <> John Smith DOB 12/14/1989

Allowed User Types

You are only allowed to merge users of the same user type. The user types in LeagueApps are ADULT, CHILD, and ORPHAN. The Merge button will be hidden if the Member Types don’t match. 

Executing the Merge

  • Clicking the Merge button will Merge the Duplicate Member into the Primary Member.
  • The Use as Primary button will switch the Duplicate Member to be the Primary Member.


Merging Members within Family Accounts

You can only merge parents of family accounts if the secondary account isn't attached to a family account. To merge the parents of a family account you need to do the following:

  1. Merge the secondary child accounts into the primary child accounts.  As a rule, always merge the children first. 
  2. Remove the secondary parent account from the duplicate family account if needed. Then merge the secondary parent account into the primary parent account.

What Happens Post-Merge

  • The Secondary User's registration and invoice histories are updated with the Primary User's Member Details.
  • The duplicate or is deleted from the site and this is irreversible.
  • The duplicate or details (such as phone number, email, etc.) are not merged into the Primary Member.
  • Participants in the same program will cause an error.
  • Staff in the same program on the same team will cause an error.
  • Staff on different teams will be successful.
  • In all successful cases, the merged user will no longer be in the previous program.
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