Widgets can be used to integrate LeagueApps modules into your external website. These JavaScript code snippets can be dropped into your existing site's HTML to display your organization's important content and information. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Widget Dashboard

Using the top menu navigation, hover over the Content icon and click on Widgets.


Step 2: Select your Widget Type

Login Form: No longer supported — do not use.

Registration Listings: Add a listing for live and upcoming program registrations grouped by Program Type. Add additional filters like Sport, Gender and Season to further define what displays in your widget.
There are four display formats for registration listings: Narrow, Simple 1, Simple 2, and Verbose.  Simple 1 is shown above.

Schedules & Standings (All Programs): Lists all Live Programs in a single widget with links to the schedule and standings page for each.

Mailing List Subscription: Add a form that allows visitors to your website to submit their email address to your managed email contact lists.

Single Program Registration: A single registration button for a specific program. If your website builder has a built-in button tool, it is best to use that tool with the program's direct registration URL.

Schedules (Single Program): Generate a schedule page for a specific program or sub-program.

Standings (Single Program): Generate a standings page for a specific program or sub-program.

Step 3: Format your Widget

Format the widget by adjusting the height in pixels. The width will automatically scale for you. (We recommend a height of at least 600px.) You can also use the filters where applicable.

Use the preview button to make sure the widget is to your liking before copying the code.

Step 4: Copy your Widget Code

Copy the text in the box under your selected widget and paste exactly as it is into the HTML of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need widgets if I'm hosting my website through my LeagueApps account?

Most likely not. Your account already has program listings, schedule pages and standings pages built in.

I'm having trouble add the code to my website. Who can help me?

We recommend contacting your webmaster or website provider for assistance in adding the html code to your website that will generate a widget.

I don't link these widgets. Do you have anything better?

LeagueApps does provide a premium registration display for an additional fee. If you're interested, please contact our support team.

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