Syncing LeagueApps Facilities Bookings to LeagueApps

Once your venues and customers are linked, you can create Bookings in LeagueApps Facilities that insert and update your schedules in LeagueApps.

Sync a New Booking

When you create a booking that is on a linked Venue and involves a linked Customer the Sync to LeagueApps toggle is displayed in the booking modal.

When creating both a single date booking or a repeating booking, if this toggle is kept in the on position (circle to the right and showing blue) then the bookings you create will be inserted into LeagueApps.

In addition to connecting directly with the Team or Program assigned, the fields that are inserted into LeagueApps include:

  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Venue (as Location)
  • Event Name (If Event Name is left blank in Facilities Event Type is used as the Event Name in LeagueApps)

Please note the Description field is currently not carried over into LeagueApps.

Updating a Booking

Likewise, when you go to update a booking and the Customer and the Venue are linked to LeagueApps you will see this toggle.

When this toggle is on (blue color is showing), an email will be sent to the owner of the booking in LeagueApps Facilities. For example, you might use this if you were going to notify a renter of a schedule change. 

⚠️ Currently the Notify toggle does not send notifications to coaches, managers, or players associated with LeagueApps program events that are managed in LeagueApps Facilities.

Batch update LeagueApps

From the admin menu in Facilities if you go to Bookings and then select the second tab, LeagueApps Sync you are able to batch inserts and updates for bookings.

This page returns every booking that has a linked Customer and a linked Venue. Simply set up your filters, check the boxes of the bookings you want to sync and click the Push to LeagueApps button at the top right of the page.

When you are creating bookings for linked Customers with linked Venues if you keep the LeagueApps Sync toggle off you are able to go to this page and push all the insert and/or changes at one time.

Synced Bookings in LeagueApps

When you sync bookings they go directly into the calendar of the team or program in LeagueApps. The will be immediately available to view in the LeagueApps Admin.

These Events are pushed as Read Only events. You will need to make changes to them in LeagueApps Facilities. They are flagged as read-only with the following flag and you can see that the pencil and delete icons are grayed out as well.

Publish Events Checkbox

In order for these events to also automatically populate your web calendar and LeagueApps Play App/Branded App you will need to make sure the “Publish Events” checkbox is checked at the team or program schedule level.

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