Linking Customers in LeagueApps Facilities

Scheduled events in LeagueApps Facilities require a customer. A customer can be an internal program, renter, LeagueApps program or team. You can link LeagueApps Programs and Teams to customers in LeagueApps Facilities. Programs and Teams that are linked can have Events sync between Facilities and LeagueApps.

Prior to linking customers make sure you Connected your LeagueApps Site to Facilities. Also make sure you are logged into LeagueApps Facilities as a user that has administrator access.

Customer Import

From your LeagueApps Facilities account, go to the Customers link in the left navigation menu.

Once on the Customers page, click on the LeagueApps Import tab.

Select the Site and Program you want to import from and click the Fetch button.

Programs, sub-programs or teams from your LeagueApps account will be displayed.

  • Name (required): The Customer name in Facilities. It defaults to the LeagueApps Entity name.
  • Customer Type: Assign a Customer Type from the dropdown
  • Customer Color: If you want to give the imported Customer a custom color that will show up whenever you make a booking for this Customer.
  • Customer Rate: If you want to override the default rate and have this customer have a specific rate assigned to it.

Once imported the Customer will show up in the Connected Customers tab of the LeagueApps Import page. The Customer will also be visible on the Customers tab and will be available to add to events.

Existing Customers Link

If you have already added a customer into Facilities, you can link them to a LeagueApps entity.

When on the Customers page, go to the last tab called LeagueApps Sync.

Choose your Site, Program and Sub-Program or Team and click Update to link.

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