Linking Venues in LeagueApps Facilities

Scheduled events in LeagueApps Facilities require a Venue or Space. In Facilities, Venue or Space means one single space such as Field 1 or Court 3. In order to have Events sync between Facilities and LeagueApps, you need to link Venues to Locations from LeagueApps account.

Prior to linking Venues make sure you have Connected your LeagueApps Site to Facilities. Also make sure you are logged into LeagueApps Facilities as a user that has administrator access.

LeagueApps Locations

From your LeagueApps management console, navigate to Manage then click Locations.

Add locations for all of the venues you want to link in your Facilities account.

⚠️ If you create Sub Locations, you can not link the main/parent location directly to a venue in LeagueApps Facilities. In this case, you will need to create all venues as sub locations including any main venues.

Venue Sync

From your LeagueApp Facilities account, go to the Venue Sorting link under Settings in the navigation menu on the left side of the page.

Click on the tab labelled LeagueApps Venue Sync.

Choose from what LeagueApps site you want to link venues.

⚠️ You must link venues separately for each LeagueApps site that you have connected to Facilities.

Link locations to venues

When you select a site from the list, the dropdowns on the right will become populated with locations from that site.

The Venues displayed on the left are based on the Venue Category selected at the top of Facilities.

Once you have matched your venues to your locations, click Update to link the venues.

Once the venues are linked, you can not unlink them.

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