Invoice Items Report

The Invoice Items Report shows you the full picture of all of your invoices and a detailed breakdown of item information across your organization, and at the site-level. This report is useful for breaking down financial information for tax purposes. If you only have one site in your organization, it will just display that site’s data.

Navigation, Filtering & Sorting

To view this report, navigate to the Reporting icon and select the Reports option under the Analytics header. Then, navigate to the left-sidebar and select Invoice Item

The data in this report will populate based on the filters selected at the top of the report.

The chart shows all invoices and their detailed item information, based on your selected filters. The data is on the invoice item-level, which means each part of an invoice shows up as separate line items, so you can break down financial information for tax purposes.

You can sort the data from individual columns within the chart by selecting the arrow in the column title, and choosing which sort option you would like to use; you can sort by Ascending, Descending, or choose to add a Custom Sort. 

Exporting, Sending, and Scheduling

This chart can be exported or filtered by hovering over the top right corner of the chart and selecting your desired options.

This report can be exported by selecting the arrow next to the Export Invoice Item tab in the bottom left corner of the screen, and you can also schedule or email reports by clicking the three horizontal lines then selecting Schedule export or Send now.

You can choose to schedule exports at specific days and times, and with specific conditions (e.g. only if new data has occurred). 

Schedule Send Conditions.png

You can then choose email addresses—whether they’re part of your organization or not—to send it to, and the cadence you would like the export to occur at. Depending on the report or dashboard, you can export the data as CSV, Excel, or PDF. 

Schedule Send File Type and Days.png

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