How can I merge or combine member accounts?

If you notice a member has multiple accounts, we can walk you through the correct way to merge them into one.  Once a merge is complete, all registration history will remain under a single account. 

  1. Decide which of the duplicate members will remain as the primary.  Usually, the account with the desired email address/most recent login is the one you want to begin with.
  2. Navigate to the primary account's Member Details Page.  You can do this by searching by email in the top search bar. 
  3. Once on the Member Details Page, click on Merge Member within the top navigation bar:
  4. This will bring you to the merge page.  
  5. The system will pull in any matches (First and Last Name) that it finds.  Verify that other identifying details match, such as DOB and Address.  
  6. Click the green Merge button under any accounts you wish to merge into the primary account.


It's common for errors to occur when merging.  These are in place to protect the accounts, and usually, a quick action or two will get you back on your way.

  • Clicking Merge Member takes you to an Access Denied or Need Help? page:
    • Only Org Account Admins and Org Account Owners can execute merges.  You will need to reach out to them for assistance with your merge.
  • Merge would create a duplicate within a program:
    • Because a player cannot be in two programs at once, compare the Registrations for each duplicate, and remove one from the program.
  • An adult user in a family account must have all children removed before merging:
    • In this case, it's best to remove the secondary member from their group account before performing the merge. 
    • After the merge, you can add the primary member back into the group account.
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