Member Card Settings

LeagueApps allows you to create and issue Member Cards that members can show when they arrive at games or events. Member Cards can also be useful for issuing memberships with ID cards. You can configure your settings so that the member cards contain the desired information.

Configuring your member card settings

  • From your LeagueApps management console, place your mouse over Settings
  • Then click Member Card


  • From the member card settings page, you can first preview the member card by selecting different items from each of the three drop down menus. The preview below will automatically update based on the drop-downs.


  • Under the Branding & Labeling section you can select the colors, logo and label of the member card. Changes to these areas will be reflected in the PDF preview.

  • Under the Member Info section you can choose which information you want display on the card by selecting the appropriate check boxes and entering content for If no photo and Waiver statement.


  •  In the last section, you will be able to determine how this card will be generated. Select your desired printing format. You will need a card printer if you select this option.
  • Choose who is authorized to generate the card. You can also allow captains and co-captains to generate cards for their teams.
  • Be sure to click the Save Member Card Settings button to save your changes. You can also generate a member card preview when you are finished.


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