How to Generate Member Cards

As an admin, you can generate member cards for your members as individual players or for an entire team. Member Cards can be used by your members to show when they arrive at games or events.

Option 1

To generate member cards from your program dashboard, go to the People or Teams tab within your program.

  • From the People tab, hover over People and click Players. Then click the player's name and click Generate member card.


  • On the Teams tab, click the team you want to generate member cards for. Then click Generate Member Cards. Select the players you want to generate member cards for and click Generate & Download.


Option 2

You can also generate member cards directly from the member's profile. Go to the profile for the member you want to generate a member card for and click Generate Member Card.

This will list the program options this member is registered to. Select the program you want to generate this member card for and click Generate & Download.


⚠️ Member cards can only be generated for players. Staff and admin users will not be able to have member cards generated for them, at this time.


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