LeagueApps + MLB Okta Account

If you are an owner or administrator of an MLB or MiLB affiliated organization, you must sign-in to the LeagueApps management console with your MLB Okta account at this URL: manager.leagueapps.com/mlb. This allows you to access MLB or MiLB’s digital offerings through your Okta account.

If you or your admins don’t have an MLB Okta account, you can request one using the above URL. Please use the same email address that you currently use to sign-in to LeagueApps when submitting this request. The LeagueApps or MLB/MiLB team will approve your request once submitted.

If you are an admin for any other non-MLB or non-MiLB affiliated organizations powered by LeagueApps, you will also be able to use your MLB Okta account to login to the LeagueApps management console for those organizations as well.

What is LeagueApps?

LeagueApps is a technology platform that MLB and MiLB use to power their registration, payment processing, messaging, and more. They help MLB and MiLB affiliated organizations run more efficiently so they can focus on what’s important—play!

Need help?

Here is a how-to guide for you and your admins to learn more about the LeagueApps login experience with MLB Okta accounts.

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