Product Order Report

LeagueApps allows you to pull reports to view every product order purchased on your site. This can be helpful when tracking and fulfilling your members' product orders.

Step 1: Locate the report

  • From your LeagueApps Management Console, place your mouse over Reporting
  • Then click Product Orders


Step 2: Set Filters & Save Reports

  • Click the Show Filters button on the right
  • You can filter your report by the following criteria:
    • Order date
    • Product
    • Shipping requirement
    • Order Status
    • Where the product was purchased
    • Purchaser
    • Sport 
    • Season
    • Program State
    • Program Name
  • You can also sort the report by:
    • Order date
    • Product Name
    • Purchaser Last Name
  • Once your filters are set, click Run Report
  • If this is a report you will be running often, you save the report by clicking the Create New Saved Report button. You can access saved reports via the My Saved Reports drop-down menu.


Step 3: Report info

  • Once you have run the report, a great deal of information will be displayed for you on screen.
    • Name of product purchase

    • Click the Details link to further order information
    • Order status
      • Open/New: Product is created and has not been purchased.
      • Open/Paid: Product items have been purchased.
      • Closed: Product items have sold out, based on inventory.
      • Cancelled: Product has been deleted from the site. 
    • Order date

Step 4: Export info

⚠️ The export function on this report is limited to 500 or fewer records. If the Export To CSV button is missing, reduce the number of records by using the filters in Step 2.
  • To export your report data, click the Export To CSV button in the top, right-hand corner
  • Select the data points you want to export
  • Then click Export


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