Transaction Reporting

Transactions reporting allows administrators to gather a wealth of data regarding payments and other transactions processed through their LeagueApps accounts. These reports will help track the transactions you process through LeagueApps as well as generate financial reports.

If you have multiple sites on your account, learn how to pull organization-wide, cross-site reports here.

Locate the Reports

From your LeagueApps Management Console, place your mouse over Reporting then click Transactions. There are three versions of transaction reports, and each report allows you to filter data to your specific needs.


You can filter each Transaction report by selecting Show Filters. You can filter by these criteria:

  • Date
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Result
  • Program Type
  • Program State
  • Sport
  • League Season
  • Program Name
  • Member Search Type
  • Member Search Input
  • Transaction ID
  • Gateway Transaction ID

Transactions Report

The Transactions Report shows all attempted transactions made on the site. This includes successful and failed registrations, refunds, and product purchases. 

⚠️ You can run a LeagueApps Gateway Dashboard report to see: the payment method used for a given refund; and the date that the funds from incoming payments will be available for deposit to your connected bank account.

Transaction Detail Report

The Transaction Details Report is a more detailed look at the Transactions tab. It is similar to the Transactions report, however, all successful invoices are shown in an expanded view. This is useful when dealing with container invoices. A container invoice is generated when a user makes multiple purchases in one checkout (ex. registering multiple children or teams at once, registering for a program, and buying a product). The Transaction Details show these container invoices separated into individual purchases.

The Transaction Detail report also shows the Total Amount Due and Outstanding Amount.  

For accounts using LeagueApps Gateway, this reporting now includes Bank Transfer ID and Bank Transfer Date in the export, which makes this report extremely valuable for accounting reconciliation.

⚠️ If products were purchased during the registration of a program, the product name purchased during registration will appear in the export. Also if refunds were given to an invoice, the amount refunded will appear as a negative amount in the export.

This report is also helpful to determine your net amount collected by tallying the Allocated and Net Allocated Amount columns:

  • Allocated Amount: Total amount (including fees) per invoice included in the transaction
  • Total Transaction Amount: Total amount paid including fees.
  • Net Allocated Amount Collected: Net amount collected per invoice included in the transaction
  • Net Total Amount Collected: Sum of the Net allocated amount

Transaction Summary Report

The Transaction Summary Report provides a high-level summary of each program's successful registration transactions. This report is an excellent way to quickly view the income of each program. You are able to see all programs and sub-programs listed in chronological order. 

Exporting Data

Each Transaction report can be exported easily. Once you've set your filters (if needed), click the Export to CSV button in the top, right-hand corner.

Select which data points you wish to be included in the download file then click Export.

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