LeagueApps Gateway Dashboard

A major benefit of LeagueApps' Gateway, is having access to all of your financial data within the LeagueApps console. Through the Gateway Dashboard, you can view account information, incoming funds, bank transfers, lifetime volume, payment listings, account balance and credit card disputes. 


Gateway Reports

Account Information

Who can see Gateway Level Reporting?

LeagueApps Org Account Owners and Org Account Admins can follow the steps below to view the Gateway Dashboard. 

How to get to your Gateway Dashboard

Login to your LeagueApps console and click 'Reporting' icon on the top navigation bar..
If you have site-level gateways setup, you will be able to choose between viewing an Org-Level Dashboard or Site-Level Dashboard.



Dashboard Tab
- Incoming Funds is the amount of funds collected from your customers that is currently being transferred to your LeagueApps Gateway account. The amount may change as you receive more payments and/or issue refunds. 

- Last Transfer is the total amount of funds that were deposited into your connected bank account on the last transfer date. 

- Lifetime Volume is the total amount of funds collected from your customers minus credit card and LeagueApps transaction fees. 



Transfers Tab
Transfers shows a dated list of batched funds that have been deposited into your connected bank account. Click the [View Payments] link to see the list of transactions that were included in each bank transfer. 


Payments Tab
Payments shows a dated list of payments that have been collected from your LeagueApps site.


Balance Tab
Balance shows all gateway transactions that make up the account's balance, including payments, refunds, adjustments and bank transfers.

What is an Adjustment? Adjustments are transaction fees that are returned to you when a refund is processed. For Full Refunds, all transactions fees are returned; for Partial Refunds, a portion of transaction fees are returned to you.

The SUM of successful Payments - Refunds + Adjustments = Total Bank Transfers.)


Disputes Tab
A dispute occurs when a customer reports to their credit card company that they no longer authorize the payment made to your organization. This tab shows a dated list of disputes that have been made against your LeagueApps site.

Click to read about Dispute CategoriesHandling Disputes and Dispute Statuses.


Account Information Tab
Account Information displays the Account Owner's Information, Transaction Fees and Connected Bank Account Information. Use the 'Update Your Account' button on this page to make edits to your Gateway Account Setup.  



If you have more questions about the LeagueApps Gateway, read our FAQs here.

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