How to copy a program

Do you need to renew a program from a previous season, or duplicate a program to kick start another? Use Copy this Program on the program dashboard to copy an existing program. The new program will have a different program ID, and will copy over all Details, Registration Options, and most settings from the previous program.

⚠️ Copying a sub-program will create a new sub-program within the same grouped-program.

⚠️ Copying a grouped-program will copy all sub-programs within the grouped-program.

⚠️ Copying a program will no carry over registrants, invoices, teams, or calendar events. In addition, roster settings will reset.

⚠️ Need to locate a program from a previous season? Scroll down for help with locating your completed programs.

  1. Locate the program you wish to copy and access it
  2. Click Copy this Program >> on the left-hand side bar


You will be taken to the Edit Details page for the new program created. After saving at the bottom of this page, the new program will be created. If you leave this page without saving, the new program will not be created. 

We recommend that you audit the program name, dates, pricing, and all other important information that may need to be changed for the new program.

Payment Plans

If there are Payment Plans for the previous program, you will be given the option to carry over these payment plans to the new program. You can copy the payment plans so they have the same exact installment dates, OR you can change the first installment date.



If you are copying a grouped-program, the Activity Start Date and End Date you set when initially creating the new program will copy over to each sub-program. However, the Registration Start and Registration End dates will need to be determined for each sub-program within the grouped-program. 

Locating a completed program

Need to locate a completed program from a previous season? Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Manage and click on All Programs
  2. Use the filters to change your search results from Live and Upcoming to Completed


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