How to delete a program

Did you create a program by mistake, or not receive registrations for it? Every program can be deleted. 

⚠️ Deleting a grouped-program will delete all sub-programs within it.

⚠️ Deleting a sub-program will delete only that sub-program, not the entire grouped-program.

⚠️ Deleting a session within a session-based program will delete only that session.

⚠️ Deleting a program will not issue refunds for invoices in the program. Issue all necessary refunds first.

⚠️ After a program is deleted, invoices from the program will not be listed by going to Manage and then accessing Invoices; however, they can be located by their number. We strongly recommend exporting a report of the program's invoices prior to deleting the program.

Delete a program

1. Locate the program you wish to delete and access it

2. Click Delete Program on the left-hand sidebar


WAIT! Are you sure you want to delete this program?

Before you delete a grouped-program or session-based program, we'll remind about what this entails:


Before you delete a program, sub-program, or single session, we'll remind about what this entails:


Help! I accidentally deleted a program!

If you need to recover a deleted program, please contact

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