How to delete a program

Did you create a program by mistake, or not receive registrations for it? Every program may be deleted. 


Before you delete a program, WAIT! Please note:

  • Deleting a grouped-program will delete ALL sub-programs within it.
  • Deleting a sub-program will delete only that sub-program, not the entire grouped-program. Deleting a session within a session-based program will delete only that session.
  • Deleting a program will NOT issue refunds for invoices in the program. Issue all necessary refunds first. 
  • After a program is deleted, invoices from the program will NOT be listed in Manage > Invoices; however, they can be located by their number. We strongly recommend exporting a report of the program's invoices prior to deleting the program. 

Delete a program

  1. Locate the program you wish to delete. Go to that program's dashboard. 
  2. Click Delete Program on the lefthand sidebar

WAIT! Are you sure you want to delete this program?

Before you delete a grouped-program or session-based program, we'll remind about what this entails:

Before you delete a program, sub-program, or single session, we'll remind about what this entails:


Help! I accidentally deleted a program!

If you need to recover a deleted program, please contact

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