Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ultimately LeagueApps can not control how a particular search engine will rank your LeagueApps-hosted website, nor can we control how often a search engine will crawl your site to index its content. But there are some settings you can leverage help boost your results. Additionally, read our blog post for more details on how to leverage SEO strategy.

⚠️ If you have purchased a premium Design Shop site from LeagueApps, please disregard this article.

Metadata Settings

Each custom page on your LeagueApps hosted website has settings to configure the page's meta description and meta keywords. Both can help boost the page's search rankings. 

  1. To find these settings, go to Content then click Pages.
  2. From the list of pages, click on the edit icon for the page you want to add metadata.
  3. When the page opens, click on the Advanced Properties tab.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for these fields:

META Description

A page's meta description is a text preview that a search engine will display in its search results. On your homepage, for example, you can add a brief description of your organization that will display when the page appears in search results.

Meta Keywords

These are search terms that can help a search engine direct people to your site when they search for those words. Enter these terms separated by a commas.


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