Customizing Your Privacy Settings

LeagueApps uses TLS 1.2 to encrypt site access to member account areas. We also offer advanced privacy controls so that Admins can configure a site or program to the desired level of privacy for member information. 

There are 3 areas in which you can make changes to your privacy settings:
Member Profile Settings
Site-Level Settings
Program-Level Settings

This article covers how member and program privacy can be controlled in each of these areas. 


Member Profile Settings

These are site-level settings that impact all programs and members within a site. Access these settings from the LeagueApps manager console: Settings > Member Profile 

  • Hide member names on all publicly accessible web pages
    This setting allows you to hide member’s names on your public site pages, including league pages and team pages. This setting replaces members' names with the label “Member” on all publicly accessible views on your site.
  • Show member profile only to logged in members
    This setting when toggled to ON, will only show profiles to members that are logged into the LeagueApps Site that holds the member's profile. This setting protects member's profiles from web searches. 


Change Member Profile Field Settings

LeagueApps allows you to customize the membership form your members fill out when they create an account. We shared some ideas on how you can use form fields to collect key information from your players. As an admin, you can change the privacy setting of each custom member profile field you add to your membership form. Here are the options to choose from:

  • Public – Field information is viewable on their account profile
  • Protected – Field information is only viewable to other logged in members
  • Private – Field information is only viewable to the league admin and the member
  • Admin-Only - Field information is only viewable and editable by the league admin


Site-Level Settings

These are site-level settings that impact all programs and members within a site. Access these settings from the LeagueApps manager console: Settings > Site Settings. 

Member-to-member email permissions
Admin's are able to restrict member-to-member messaging between:

  • Any logged in members
  • Only members within the same program
  • Only members on the same team


Allow parents to upload profile pictures for kids

You can Allow Parents to upload Profile Pictures for Kids. Member Profile pictures can be added when creating a Member Profile, or can be uploaded later on by editing the member profile through the Admin Console, or as a logged-in member from the Dashboard. Profile pictures are visible on the Member Profile, and based on settings, the Team Roster and Printable Roster.


Program-Level Settings

These are program-level settings that only impact the programs that you customize. 

Team Details Visibility (formerly 'Team Assignments')
Access this setting from the program's Settings > Preferences. 

When this setting is checked, Team Details will be hidden from Players; meaning that the team the member is assigned to is not visible on his/her dashboard, neither is the Team's Staff/Captain Name, or Number of players on the team.


Registered Team/Group & Player Visibility
Access this setting from the program's Settings > Preferences.

This setting was formerly labeled 'Attendee List & Member Matching'. This setting provides the ability to display or hide the list of Players, Groups or Teams that have registered for the program on the program profile. 

For Member Matching, this setting must be set to on, which allows captains to browse the free agent pool and invite players to their teams with one quick glance. Read about the benefits of Member Matching here.

Team/Group Roster Visibility
Access this setting from the program's Settings > Preferences. 

This setting was added in October 2017. This setting defines who can view players' names and profiles from the team page. The options for this setting are 'Everyone,' 'Logged In Users,' and 'Team Members.'

Create Private Programs

Access this settings from the program's Settings > Edit Details. 

You can designate any program as a Private program, making it completely hidden from the public. This can be useful if you are setting up a private event, or simply want to test a program before it goes live. 
- Find the program, and click “Edit Details” which is listed on the program preview, or from the Program Dashboard it is listed under 'Settings'
- Change the Visibility field setting from ‘public’ to ‘private’.

- Optionally, you can change the Program State > Unpublished.

- If you want to distribute the private link, select the Home tab and copy the program URL (this is found under ‘Main Details’ on the right side of the page).

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