KPIs Dashboard

The KPIs dashboard contains high level Key Performance Indicators about how your organization has been performing, such as how much you’ve grossed, netted, and deducted fees. If you are an Org Account Owner or Org Account Admin, this will display organization-level data for all of the site(s) in your organization. If you are a Site Admin, this will display site-level data for the current site you are logged into.

Home tab: KPIs dashboard

To view this dashboard, navigate to the Reporting icon and select the Reports option under the Analytics header. This will take you directly to your KPIs dashboard, which will be automatically shown as Home in your reports sidebar.


Changing the filter on your dashboard allows you to change the cut of data that you’re viewing: 

  • Transaction Date
  • Site Name
  • Sport
  • Season
  • Program Name

If applicable, you are able to select multiple options under Site Name, Sport, Season, and Program Name to hone in on targeted insights. 

Org KPIs filters.png

Net Amount

Gross Amount = Net Amount + Deducted Fees. Net Amount is the actual money your organization or individual site is collecting post-transaction fees, and so the analytics in this dashboard reflect that number. The first graph shows you Net Amount Collected by Transaction Date, which will be based on the date range you have selected above.

Org KPIs Net Amount.png

Comparative Data

The Comparative Data section showcases your organization or individual site’s performance year over year, for every year that it’s been active on LeagueApps. Each of the charts can be exported or filtered by hovering over the top right corner of the chart and selecting your desired options.

Org KPIs Net Amount YoY.png

You can filter this data by site name, sport, and season by selecting from the respective dropdowns for each. 

Org KPIs Comparative Filters.png

In this Comparative Data section, you can also view the net amount collected by site over site for the last 12 months. This graph will be dependent on the number of sites, date ranges, and filters you’ve added under the Comparative Data section header. If you are a Site Admin, you will not see this organization-level view.

Org KPIs Net Amount by Site.png

Exporting, Sending, and Scheduling

These charts can be exported or filtered by hovering over the top right corner of the chart and selecting your desired options.

This report can be exported by selecting the arrow next to the Export Organization KPIs tab in the bottom left corner of the screen, and you can also schedule or email reports by clicking the three horizontal lines then selecting Schedule export or Send now.

You can choose to schedule exports at specific days and times, and with specific conditions (e.g. only if new data has occurred). 

Schedule Send Conditions.png

You can then choose email addresses—whether they’re part of your organization or not—to send it to, and the cadence you would like the scheduled export to occur at. Depending on the report or dashboard, you can export the data as CSV, Excel, or PDF. 

Schedule Send File Type and Days.png


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