USA Lacrosse Membership Verification

LeagueApps partners with USA Lacrosse to offer a seamless integration that automatically verifies a registrant's USA Lacrosse Membership Number when they register for a program on LeagueApps. 

When this account-level setting is enabled, there is the option to turn it on and off per program on your account, and there is the option to require it for all individual and/or player registrations. The USA Lacrosse Member verification does not work for Program Staff registrations. 

Step 1

Log into your account and navigate to Connect and select Membership Verification.


Step 2

Navigate to the US Lacrosse box and click the toggle to turn the green checkmark on.


Step 3

Once the account-level setting is turned on, you can manage the USA Lacrosse verification at the program level. For every program that you want to validate registrants with USA Lacrosse, go to the program, go to Settings and click on Registration Options.

Step 4

Scroll down to the Membership Rules section and enable the Require US Lacrosse membership validation feature. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

⚠️ There must be a Program End Date for the validation to work, because the validation checks that the registrant has an Active US Lacrosse Membership for the entire duration of the program he or she is registering for.


There are two ways to retroactively validate a registrant’s USA Lacrosse number:

Instructions for Parents/Participants

Send an email to all registrants that need to validate their USL Membership with these instructions:

"Our records show that you made a registration during the outage that needs to be validated. Please follow the steps below to add the registrant's US Lacrosse number to the existing registration on LeagueApps:"

  1. Log-in to your LeagueApps account.
  2. On the dashboard, click the Edit Registration Settings link. 
  3. Enter the USL Number.
  4. Click Verify
  5. mceclip4.png
  6. Click Save Changes.

Instructions for LeagueApps Admins

Add the registrant's USL Number to the existing registration by following these steps:

  1. Find the desired program, go to People and select Players 
  2. Find the desired player and click on the Edit pencil icon to the right-hand side
  3. Enter the USL number at the bottom of the page 
  4. Click the Verify button  


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