USA Hockey Member Verifications

With USA Hockey Member Verifications enabled, players and staff, will be required to enter and instantly verify their USA Hockey number during the program registration process in order to proceed with submitting their registration.

You will be able to turn these on for your account in the new verifications page under the Connect dropdown, and then for each program in the Program Settings, in the Management Console to automatically ensure that your program participants all have valid USA Hockey memberships.

Enable USA Hockey Verification

Site Settings

To enable the USA Hockey verification, follow these steps:

  1. From the management dashboard, go to Connect and click Membership Verification
  2. Click the USA Hockey toggle to turn on the green checkmark

Program Settings

Admins can require USA Hockey member verification during program registration for players, coaches, or both. Admins can also require USA Hockey verification for specific staff roles on a program-by-program basis.

⚠️To turn on the program verification, USA Hockey requires that the program has an end date to ensure that the participants are insured and covered throughout the entirety of the program. Add an End Date from the program's dashboard, go to Settings, and click Edit Details. Then scroll down to Add End Date beneath the Activity Start Date field.
  1. Go to the desired program dashboard and hover over Settings, then click Membership Verification.
  2. Click the USA Hockey toggle to on.
  3. Select Enable for Participants and/or Enable for Staff
  4. Choose the roles that require member verification from USA Hockey for your program, then click Save.

USA Hockey Verification in Registration Form

If the USA Hockey Verification is turned on, LeagueApps will only allow the registration to proceed if there is a valid membership.

⚠️ If Members have previously validated their USA Hockey number in a LeagueApps program registration, the number will pre-populate in any subsequent registrations and the Member will just need to click the Verify button to ensure the membership is valid.


Editing Existing Registrations

Members are able to edit an existing program registration to fill in their USA Hockey Verification Number. LeagueApps will verify the number is valid before allowing the Member to save their edits.

Copy + Move Players

If a player is copied or moved, LeagueApps will verify that they have a valid USA Hockey Member number. If the USA Hockey Member number is not verified, then the player cannot be copied or moved.

Copy + Move Teams

If a team is copied or moved, LeagueApps will verify that all players on the team have valid USA Hockey Member numbers. If any of the team players’ USA Hockey Member numbers are not verified, then the team cannot be copied or moved.

USA Hockey Verification Reporting

The USA Hockey Verification field will now be included in the checkbox list in the Registrations Report, Members Report, Program Players, and Program Staff Report (if applicable).


Member Toolkit: Telling Participants and Coaches About USA Hockey Membership Verifications

To help you spread the word to your staff, parents, and players about verifying their USA Hockey membership status, LeagueApps has put together a communications toolkit, which you can copy + paste from. Access the Member Toolkit here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Admins register players to programs that require USA Hockey verification?

Yes, though the admin will need to have that player’s USA Hockey verification number on hand. Admins are not allowed to bypass that requirement. Other required profile fields can be skipped by admins. 

Why does my program need to have an End Date in order to use the USA Hockey Membership Verification feature?

Requiring a program end date ensures that participants have a valid membership for the entire duration of the program. 

Why is DOB required in order to use the USA Hockey Membership Verification feature?

DOB is required for children in order to turn on verification for Players, and DOB is required for adults in order to turn on verification for staff members. USA Hockey requires this information to perform their membership verification.

Do any other Registration fields need to exactly match the USA Hockey member information?

Besides the Date of Birth, the Last Name must match their USA Hockey member information as well. USA Hockey requires this information to perform their membership verification.

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