Member Toolkit for Promoting USA Hockey Membership Verifications

To help you spread the word to your staff, parents, and players about USA Hockey membership verifications, here is a communications toolkit that you can copy + paste from.

We know that you have your own way of communicating with your parents, players, and staff, so this language is just meant to offer guidance — feel free to tailor it however you’d like! 

Email To Send Your Members Introducing USA Hockey Membership Verification

Hi [fill in here],

To comply with USA Hockey’s mandated active membership status, we will now be requiring that you provide your valid membership number during the registration process.

In the registration form, staff and players will need to enter their USA Hockey number in the Player Information section, which will allow you to proceed with your registration. You can also edit any past registrations you have submitted to fill in and verify your USA Hockey number.

If you have any questions about why we’re using USA Hockey membership verifications or need assistance verifying your membership, let us know.



Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I’m having technical difficulties with my membership verification.

Please escalate issues with your program staff.

Why isn’t the USA Hockey number successfully verified?

Please ensure that the registrant’s USA Hockey number, Date of Birth, and Last Name match their USA Hockey member details. Note, the USA Hockey membership must be valid throughout the course of the entire program you’re registering for.

I just renewed my USA Hockey membership - will my member number now be recognized automatically when I go to register for the program?

If you renewed or just began a brand new membership, it takes USA Hockey up to 5 minutes to reflect that change so you can register for the program.

How can I get in touch with USA Hockey directly to discuss my membership?

You can view their support site here: and also contact them at 1-800-566-3288 ext. 123 or

As a Coach, can I add my players' verification numbers?

No, parents and players will need to add their USA Hockey membership number.

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