Customize Standings Rules

Standings in LeagueApps work in tandem with game schedules to give your members quick info on team rankings. These can be configured based upon many criteria depending on how your programs are organized. 

Standings Settings

Standings can be configured on a site or program level.

Site-wide settings

  • Go to Settings
  • Then click Schedules & Standings


Program-level settings

  • Find the program you want to edit by going to Manage, then click All Programs.
  • Once found, click on the name of the program
  • From the program's dashboard, go to Settings
  • Then click Standings Rules
    Tip: If Standings Rules is missing, go to Settings then Preferences to enable it.



Configuring Your Standings

Scoring Method


This scoring method means your standings will be based on games won or lost as determined by points scored. This is typically used for sports where a single game is played to determine the winner based on the final score; e.g., 80 points to 75 points. 


This scoring method means your standings will be based on games won or lost based on matches won or lost. This is typically used for sports where the outcome is determined over a number of matches where the winner has won the most matches; e.g., 3 games to 2. 



Rankings base

You have 2 options on how rankings are based:

  • Point differential: How many points are assigned based on the game's outcome
  • Winning percentage: Percentage of games played that resulted in a win 

You can also configure how a winning percentage will be displayed on standings pages.


Point Values

You are able to adjust the point value given to each outcome.  For example, you can have a win worth 3.0 points rather than 2.0 points. You can also give values to overtime wins and losses, or deduct points for a forfeit. 


Tiebreaker Rules

Tiebreakers rules can settled in three stages: Primary, Secondary and Fallback.

You can choose a different option on how a tie is settled for each stage. Even though your standings may be based on winning percentage, your tiebreaker rules may be based on points or vice versa.


  • Team with more points: The team that has scored more points will win the tie breaker
  • Team with more wins: The team with more games won will win the tiebreaker (typically used if you have points-based standings)
  • Team with less point scored against: The team who has allowed fewer points scored will win the tiebreaker
  • Team with more standings points for: The team with the higher amount of points as defined by Point Values will win the tiebreaker (typically used if you have winning percentage based standings)
  • Team with the higher points scored differential: The team with the higher value when subtracting points scored against from points scored will win the tiebreaker
  • Head to head: The winner of game with when the two tied teams met will win the tiebreaker


You also have a number of preferences that can determine the outcome of your standings. Configure these to your liking.

Fields to Display

You can toggle each individual field based on what you'd like to show up on the public-facing standings page for each program. You'll want to hide the fields that have no bearing on your standings rules.


Points Scored = Number of points scored in the game. 
Points Scored Against = Number of points scored by opposing team in a game. 
Points Scored Differential = Difference between the scores above

The Points For section is related to your Point Values section. 
Points For = Number of wins multiplied the number of points for a win.
Points Against = Number of deductions (points deducted for forfeit, penalty, etc)
Points Differential = Difference of the points above. 

Game Types & Standings

Depending on your standings rules, some game types will count toward your standings and some will not. 

Game types that counts toward standings:

  1. Regular Season
  2. Playoff*
  3. Championship**
  4. Quarterfinals*
  5. Semifinals*
  6. Final**
  7. Pool Play***
  8. Tournament****

* counts toward standings unless Exclude Playoff games from the standings calculations is on
** counts toward standings unless Exclude Championship games from the standings calculations is on
*** Pool Play game type is only available in Tournament programs.
**** counts toward standings unless Exclude Tournament games from the standings calculations is on

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