Updating Scores & Standings

Game scores can be quickly updated by any level admin in your LeagueApps account. Upon entering a score, the program standings will update automatically according to the standings rules. For more on Standings Rules, click here.

⚠️ You now have the ability to designate scorekeepers among your program staff, so that they can enter scores directly in the Member Portal and on LeagueApps Mobile Apps. Learn more.

Where to enter scores

Game results are entered via the LeagueApps management console directly on the program's schedule page. Next to each game, you'll notice a little Trophy icon. Click this in order to edit game results.  


You can allow your team captains and designated staff roles to edit scores for their games. Find out how to Edit Your Scorekeeper Settings

Entering results

When entering results, you can provide the score (points for each team) as well as game outcome. There are a few different game outcomes to choose, explained here:

  • Final: This is the standard game outcome, used when the game was played to completion.
  • Final (OT): The game was completed in overtime, which factors into standings tabulation.
  • Cancelled: The game was cancelled, and no score is entered.
  • Rescheduled: This triggers a separate control to enter a new date/time for the game.
  • Forfeit: This outcome allows you to specify which team "won" the unplayed game.


If you wish the game's outcome to be omitted from the standings tabulation, check the box underneath a team's score. 

Once you enter results, they are immediately reflected on the schedule views for your members to see. 

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