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Store Front

This page can be found and activated by going to Manage > Ecommerce Products.  


You will find PRODUCTS and STORE tab.  Click on the Store tab to manage your store. 



Creating Categories

Within the store, you have the ability to create categories for your products (ex. Hats, Shirts, Pants, etc.). 

To create a category you can click the blue Create Category button on the right side of the storefront on the admin console. 



Creating a Product and Posting it to The Store Front

Step 1

To create the products for your categories. Navigate back to the Products tab. 


Step 2

Click on the Add a Product button.


Step 3

While creating a product you will have the option to post the product on the storefront. All you need to do is check on the boxes that say, Is this product available for standalone purchase?  and also the Is this product available in the Storefront?


Step 4

After clicking the green Update Product button, you will automatically navigate to a new page, where you can add questions to be answered for your product like size, color, etc. using the green Add a Form Field button.




Step 5

Input the question you'd like to ask in the style in which the customer will answer that feature (for this example, we're showing the question size using a Dropdown List).


After clicking Save New Field, you will navigate to a new page.  If you elected to use the "Dropdown List" option, this is where you can input the options that will show up on that list by clicking the green add item button


Step 6

Lastly, use the Price & Inventory Options tab to assign the features that you've created.




Click Save Changes, and you should be good to go!

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