How to Cancel and Refund a Product Order

If a user placed a Product Order on accident or is no longer participating in a program, you are able to cancel and refund their Product Orders. 

When initiating a refund through LeagueApps, the total refund amount will be returned to your customer and 100 percent of the total processing fees will be credited back to your organization. 

Step 1

  • Using the top menu navigation, hover over the Reporting icon mceclip0.png and click on Product Orders.

Step 2

  • At the top, click mceclip1.png to unhide the filters.
  • Where you see the filter for of product, select the product that needs to be refunded.
  • Click mceclip2.png

Step 3:

  • From the list, locate the member who needs to be refunded, and click on the product name on the corresponding line. 
  • Once on the order details page, set the Order Status to Cancelled​
  • Click Update Status
⚠️ NOTE: This will automatically issue a refund if the order has been paid for.


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