How to Add Members to Group (Family) Account as an Admin

Family Accounts are made up of both Adult and Child Member profiles. They represent the Parent to Child relationship and can have more than one parent, and multiple children.  If you need to add additional members to an existing family account, there are two ways to do this. This is the Admin way, where you can add additional members to the account from the back end.

Step 1: Find the member

Using the top menu navigation, hover over the Manage icon and click on Members.


Step 2: Find family view

Locate any current member of the family, and click on the Family link directly under their name. This will bring you to the group account dashboard.


⚠️ If the member in question is missing this link, learn how to create a group account for them here.

Step 3: Add user

Locate and click the Add User text link located in the top right-hand corner of the page.


Step 4: Create new child or parent

Choose if you are adding an additional Child or Parent and if they are New or Existing.

  • New: The additional family member does not already have an account on any of your sub-accounts.  You will fill out all known information for the member and click Add User.  This option creates an account on their behalf and will send a welcome email and password if the role type is Supervisor/Parent.
  • Existing: If the Supervisor or Parent has an account, you can import them into the group by entering their email address, or their first or last name into the search box.  Click the arrow next to the correct member to bring them into the group.  


⚠️ If a member is already part of another group account, they must first be removed from that group before they can be added to another.

⚠️ Existing child accounts can not be moved into group accounts using this feature.  If you need to reconnect a child account to a family, click here.

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