Communications Toolkit for Required Member Profile Fields

LeagueApps is excited to provide our partners with a new feature to ensure that you have complete data for all of the members within your organization, by giving admins a way to require existing members to fill in any empty required member profile form fields immediately upon logging into their account. 

This allows you to have complete datasets of your member information, helps collect member information that you had previously forgotten to add to their forms, and more. With the required empty member form fields feature, you won’t have to spend time tracking down member information again. 

You can use this communications toolkit to understand what’s being changed and how you can communicate this change to your members.

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Member Profile Settings Change

In your management console, under Settings > Member Profile, there used to be a toggle to ‘Prompt members to fill in any empty required fields when they login’. If you had this turned on, then your members would see a banner to fill in required information, but it did not force any action.

Now that the new setting has been released, that toggle has been replaced with ‘Require members to fill in empty required member profile fields within their family account when they login’, and was automatically turned on if your original toggle was already turned on to ‘Prompt members to fill in any empty required fields when they login’.

If the “Require” toggle is turned on, then any of your members who have not filled in any required member profile fields for themselves or child(ren) if applicable, will be required to fill in these empty required form fields when they log in to their account, before they can perform any other actions in their member portal.

If you would like to turn off this requirement, please ensure to turn off the toggle for the setting detailed above. This will need to be done for all of your sites, if applicable.

Examples of Required Member Form Fields

Examples of required fields include the toggles you set up on the Member Profile page under the Settings menu dropdown (e.g. Require Member Address, Require Parent Birth Date, Require Child Birth Date, etc.). They can also be any custom form fields you added at the bottom of the Member Profile page that you marked as required. Click the pencil icon next to any custom form fields to see if their Priority is marked as Required. Learn more in this Member Profile guide.

Communications to your Members

If you would like to give a heads-up to your coaches, parents, and players, since they would need to fill in any empty required fields before they can proceed to use their member portal, you can use the below bullet points to communicate to your members. We know that you have your own way of communicating with your parents, players, and coaches, so this language is just meant to offer guidance — feel free to tailor it however you’d like! 

  • As you may know, we use a platform called LeagueApps to power our registration, payment processing, messaging, and more. They help us run more efficiently so we can focus on what’s important—play!
  • When you first created your account for our organization, you were required to enter in specific member profile information. After this, our organization added additional form fields that are required for you to fill in, so that we can collect necessary information for our business. 
  • If you have not filled in all of the required form fields, you will be required to fill them in for yourselves and any other members on your account (if applicable), when you login into your account. You will see a screen like the one below, but with the required fields that are currently empty, which you will need to complete before you can proceed into your account.



Can I turn on or off the toggle whenever I want?

Yes, you will be able to do this in the Member Profile settings page in your LeagueApps Management Console.

Which other settings are available for my Member Profiles?

View the settings that you can set up and adjust for your member profiles by clicking here.

Will this setting apply to all of the sites under my organization account?

This is a site-level setting, so if you need to adjust the setting, you will need to do so for each of the site(s) under your organization account.

Will my members be able to get out of the screen that requires them to fill in their empty required profile fields?

No, if you have this setting turned on, then your members will need to fill in the empty required profile fields on their account upon logging in, before they can proceed into their account.

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