How to Maintain Developer Accounts for Branded Apps

Please be sure to log in to both of your developer accounts (Android and Apple) once per month and check the items below to avoid any lapse in updates for your branded mobile app.

⚠️ You are responsible for covering any fees associated with your developer account which are subject to changes by Apple and/or Google. 

Google: Android 

Membership Fees 

There are currently no recurring membership fees for Google. 

Email Alerts 

  1. Make sure you are receiving emails from Google pertaining to your Developer Account
    • Log into your Google Play Console
    • Click on Inbox on the left hand menu
    • You can also review these emails in your Developer Account: 
  2. Most Google emails are informational but some may require action on your part and some should be forwarded to to resolve. If you are not sure, please forward them to us.

Apple: iOS

Membership Fees 

  1. Ensure your yearly membership fee is paid. Currently the fee is $99/year (if you are a non-profit, Apple will waive this fee)
  2. Log into your App Store Connect
  3. If you see a yellow bar at the top with similar content as the picture below, click the Account link in the bar and follow the links to review and approve the agreement. If it says you need to renew your membership, you will need to submit credit card information. 

Apple Agreements

  1. Log into your App Store Connect.
  2. If you see a big yellow bar at the top, you have outstanding items to complete. 

  3. Click the Agreements, Tax, and Banking button.

  4. If there are ever action items (yellow or red dots), you will need to complete those as soon as possible by clicking the link beneath the column on the far right.
  5. Review the agreement and click the Agree button.

Important Note regarding Free Apps versus Paid Apps: 

    • Your LeagueApps branded app is a FREE app for your members. It requires no payments from members to use or purchase anything. 
    • The only agreements you are required to submit are the Free App agreements UNLESS you accidentally accept the "Paid Apps" agreement. In this case:
      • You WILL BE REQUIRED to complete the Tax and Banking information as well as continually agree to all Paid App updated agreements that are released by Apple. 
      • LeagueApps will not be able to produce or update your Apple app until the Tax and Banking and other agreements are complete, now and in the future. 


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