How do I log in as one of my members?

As a LeagueApps administrator, you may find the need to see what your members see when they log in to LeagueApps. Perhaps you need to adjust a setting on your members' behalf or help them troubleshoot an issue. Using the Log In As Member feature will allow you accomplish both as it allows you to assume a member's identity as viewed from the LeagueApps Member Portal.

Step 1: Navigate to member's profile

Click the magnifying glass in the top, right-hand corner of your LeagueApps dashboard to search for the member by name or email.

⚠️ This can only be used for adult/supervisor accounts as child members do not have login access.

Step 2: Click Log-in as member

Once in the member's profile, click on the Log-in as member link to bring up a prompt. If this is your first time using this tool, read the following steps carefully. 

Step 3: Right-click Continue button

In the prompt, be sure to right-click (Command+click on a Mac) the Continue button.


Step 4: Open link in Private or Incognito window

Right-clicking the Continue button will bring up a menu from your browser. In that menu select the option to open the link in a private or incognito window.

This action will open a new browser window that will display the member's dashboard. Once your work with that member's account is completed, simply close the private window to return to your LeagueApps administrator dashboard.

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