How to Add Payments to Invoices in LeagueApps Facilities

When managing your facility bookings, you may need to invoice a customer for the time and facility space. Use the steps below to add an invoice to a booking or group.

Adding an invoice to a booking

From the calendar, click on a booking you want to invoice.

Click the +Invoice button.

Once the invoice is created, scroll to the bottom and enter in payment details and select the payment method. Available payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit Card
  • E-Transfer
  • Credit Card Offline
  • Credit Balance.

Adding an invoice to a group

If you haven't yet created an Invoice for a group, you can do so in the Bookings tab by selecting the group, then clicking +New Invoice in the top right hand corner.

To create multiple Invoices at once, select each group you're creating an invoice for, then click +Mass Invoice in top right hand corner drop down menu and this will create an invoice for each group.


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