How To Update Your DNS Settings

LeagueApps' web hosting partner requires that our Design Shop/Custom Websites be moved off of their legacy servers to a new cloud platform. This means that you must update your DNS settings with your domain registrar to accomplish the move. If you use GoDaddy, please click HERE to view the instructions.

This update will improve your site's performance and reduce downtime — view the full list of benefits here. Once you have completed the update, your site will be moved during scheduled downtime to minimize service disruptions.

How To Complete the Updates

You can complete the required update by choosing one of these options:

  1. Using the instructions below, complete the required update(s). Once you have completed the changes, no further action is needed.

  2. Forward this information to your registrar's support team for them to complete the update on your behalf. Below is a list of the most popular domain registrars and their contact details.

  3. Schedule a call with us so we can walk through the update with you live — Click HERE to book

Domain Registrar Contact Information

DNS Update Instructions

⚠️ Editing or removing other existing records may result in unwanted service disruption for things like email. If you're worried about making these changes or want a second opinion, contact us with a screenshot of your current DNS configuration, and we'll be happy to help you sort things out.
  1. Log in to your Domain registrar.
  2. Navigate to your DNS Zone Editor. Sometimes called DNS manager or domain manager, the location is usually found under the control settings for your domain.
  3. Edit the A Record with your IP Address. Replace the old IP address listed with the IP address we provided for your domain. If you have more than one domain, you need to update each domain.
  4. Save the changes.

GoDaddy DNS Instructions

To update your domain DNS in GoDaddy, please follow the instructions in this tutorial video:

If you would like LeagueApps to update your GoDaddy DNS settings, please delegate GoDaddy access to LeagueApps by follow the instructions in this tutorial video:

Benefits of Migrating Your Website to a Cloud Server

FlyWheel provides hosting for all of our websites. Some of the benefits to our Partners are:

  • Auto-Healing Technology: Auto-healing technology to help reduce downtime due to service failures.
  • Automatic scaling and load-balancing: Cloud computing allows FlyWheel to quickly provide resources for our websites on an as-needed basis whenever there is an increase in site usage. This flexibility reduces the time sites are down or running slower due to demand.
  • Custom site caching technology: considers the most popular WordPress themes and plugins to ensure your pages are cached (or not cached) correctly.
  • Improved performance: Cloud network performance improves the speed of service delivery. Two key ways that Cloud infrastructure accomplishes this are low latency (processing a large volume of data with little to no delays) and high availability.
  • Automatic performance upgrades: Improvements can be made to the performance of hosted site while also ensuring there’s no lag time in getting to that better performance.
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