How do I invite Tryout Players to join a team?

Find your Program

  1. Hover over Manage (Clipboard Icon), then click All Programs.
    Note: There are many ways to find programs in LeagueApps. If you have your own method, go for it!
  2. Find the program in the list and click on the program name to enter that program's dashboard page.


Locate the Player Invites page

  1. From the program dashboard, place your mouse over People at the top, then click Player Invites


Choose the program where players will be invited to

  1. Select Send Player Invites to Other Programs

  2. Then make selections in the three drop-down menus:
    • If the from program uses teams or groups, select one in the first dropdown
    • Then select the program to where players will be invited
    • If the to program uses teams or groups, select one in the final dropdown

  3. Once set, you will be presented with a list of players to that you can send invites.
    • Check the boxes next to the names of players to be invited.
    • You can also select the top-most checkbox to select all players
    • Once selected, click the Invite Selected Players button.


Send the invite email

After clicking the Invite Selected Players Button, a prompt will appear where you can customize the email's subject and add a custom message.

  • Subject: This defaults to the name of the admin logged in when sending the invites. Feel free to customize this as you like.

  • Message: The invite will have a default message, but you can add in a custom message. The link to accept the invite in the email will appear below your custom message.
    Tip: It's best to keep the player emails brief and concise. Emails with many attachments and links will increase the likelihood they will be flagged as spam. You can use the Compose A Message tool to send follow-up information.

  • Once finished with your edits, click Invite Players.

  • Participants will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation. 

Example invite email:


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