How do I move a player to a different team or program?

Sometimes players need to be manually moved to another team or program.  As an admin, follow the steps below to move a registered player.

  1. Start within the program the player is currently in.  Navigate to the program menu, hover over the People tab, and select Players:


  2. From the player listing page, scroll (or use the member search box) to locate the member that needs to move.
  3. Under the Action column, click the Arrow button (the move tool). LeagueApps___Players_by_Program.png

  4. You'll see a box pop up under the participant's name:

  5. Select the Program from the first drop-down menu (if they are moving to a team within the same program, leave this as is).

  6. Select the Player Type: Individual/Free Agent, Waitlist, Team Player (select Team) from the second drop-down.

  7. Choose if you'd like to notify the participant. This will send an email letting them know they have been moved. 

  8. Click the Move button to finalize the move.

  9. If applicable, it'll ask if you would like to adjust their invoice to reflect any program pricing differences.  


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