Player's Health Integration

Player's Health is a sports technology risk management organization that places the health and safety of an athlete and the organization above all.

Player's Health mission is to provide accessibility for sports organizations to have an all-in-one technology solution for risk management so they can nurture the athlete to enjoy sports and perform at their highest level. The Player's Health Protect (PH Protect) application is utilized for completion and tracking of background checks, education and training, signing and tracking of organizational waivers, incident reporting, investigations, and case management of said incidents. Player’s Health also provides easily accessible organizational insurance products.

The Player's Health integration is designed to enable partners to send their coaches through a coach compliance program, often including a background check. Player's Health's team will help you determine, based on your location and your sport, what compliance programs and what level of background is right for your organization. Coaches will register in LeagueApps to become members of your organization, and the integration will enroll them in your custom coach compliance program. This program can include your management team and admin, coaches, assistant coaches, directors, volunteers, and in some cases even parents.


How Does the Integration Work?

Once the integration has been set up, here's the process your organization will follow:

  1. Your coaches register for the coach's program in LeagueApps
  2. The integration will send information about your coaches to Player's Health
  3. Your coaches will receive an email from Player's Health instructing them to register with Player's Health and complete their coach certification training. This often includes submitting personal information for a background check
  4. When you, as the organizer, are logged into Player's Health, you can see which of your coaches have completed the background check

Integration Prerequisite

In order to set up the Player's Health Integration, you'll first need a Player's Health account. Please visit their website and fill out the onboarding request form.

Please note that you will need to input a desired onboarding date, which is the date that information from LeagueApps will begin to be sent over to your Player's Health account. (Note: the date has to be at least 7 days from today.) You should immediately get an email sent to you from Player's Health. Please click the link in the email to set up your account.

Setting Up the Integration

Step 1: Create a new program in LeagueApps

A. Required program settings to enable the Player's Health integration

The following settings are required to enable a Player's Health integration. As long as these steps are followed, any coach that registers for a program will be enrolled in your Player's Health Athlete Safety Program.

  1. To enable the Player's Health integration, your LeagueApps program must have public visibility. Within your LeagueApps dashboard, go to your program > Settings > Edit Details. Set the Visibility equal to "Public".

  2. You also need to add the Player's Health program code to the LeagueApps program. Within your LeagueApps dashboard, go to your program > Settings > Edit Details. Set the Program Code equal to: PH
    (Note: if you have another integration which uses a program code set up, you can separate the program codes by semicolons).Untitled__4_.png


B. Recommended Process

While any program setup that contains the above settings will work, we are happy to provide more guidance on a simple way to create and manage a Player's Health Athlete Safety program.

  1. Within your LeagueApps dashboard, go to your program > Settings > Edit Details. Set the name equal to "Player's Health Athlete Safety Program".


  2. Navigate to Settings > Registration Options. Under Allowed Registration Types, select "Program Staff (Coach, Volunteer)". Program staff should be the only allowed registration types.


Step 2: Authenticate your LeagueApps site ID

  1. From your LeagueApps Member Console, navigate to Connect > API settings.

  2. Enter a name for your credentials, such as “Player’s Health” and select the Generate Private API Key button. If you don't enter a name, the integration will not work. (Note: the Private API Key used to be called the Service Account Key.)

  3. Once a private API key is generated, a file will be downloaded to your computer and a new record will appear in the API key list on the page. The name of this file is also known as the client ID. You will need both this file and the client ID in a later step.

  4. In a separate tab, navigate to Connect > Integration Center. Select the Player's Health tile and click "Connect App".

  5. Next to the LeagueApps icon, select the "Connect" button. Supply your LeagueApps API credentials.

    • P12 file - Upload the private API key that you downloaded from the API Settings page. It is the form of a p12 file. For example, 60febf874c68s0wekbo203.p12.

    • Client ID - Paste the name of the private API key (aka p12 file) that you downloaded from the API Settings page. The client ID can also be found in the table on the API Settings page under “Key Name”. For example, 60febf874c68s0wekbo203.

    • Site ID - Type in your Site ID. This is the string of 4 - 5 numbers found in your browser’s URL bar. For example, 42073.

  6. Note: if you have a coach's program set up on multiple different sites, you will need to repeat these steps for each site

Step 3: Authenticate your Player's Health account

  1. Within a separate tab, after you've created a Player's Health account, go to the Player's Health Protect landing page.

  2. Once you're logged in, navigate to Settings.


  3. There, you'll find a section titled "LeagueApps Integration". Select the button "Generate LeagueApps Integration Token" and copy the resulting token. The following video shows you how to generate and retrieve the token:


  4. Return to the LeagueApps Integration Center. Next to the Player's Health icon, select the "Connect" button. Paste the token from Player's Health and select "Connect".

  5. Once the LeagueApps and Player's Health accounts have been connected, select "Next".

Step 4: Finish setting up the integration

  1. From the Integration Center within LeagueApps, after you've connected both the LeagueApps and Player's Health accounts, you'll be taken to a page to set the sync schedule. The sync schedule is how frequently you want program data to sync over from LeagueApps to Player's Health.

  2. Be sure that the sync is "unpaused".

  3. Select "Save". On the following page, select "Sync Now" to finalize the set up.

Step 5: Add coaches to your program

If you have coaches that are already registered for another program on the same site, and you would like to add them over to the Coach's Program:

  1. From the membership console, navigate to Manage > Members.

  2. Select the staff member's name that you would like to add to the Coach's Program.

  3. From their member profile page, under "program staff registrations", next to "add to program", open the drop down menu. Select the Coach's Program that you created. Select "add".

  4. On the next page, you can choose the staff role. Select "save staff member". They are now in the Coach's Program.

If you have coaches that are not already registered for another program on the same site, you have two options:

A. You can add the coach to the program directly

    1. From the coach's program page in the membership console, navigate to People > Staff.

    2. Select "Add a program staff member".

    3. Enter their information and select "Save staff member."

    4. They will now receive an email from LeagueApps telling them that they have been added to to sign in or create an account.


    5. Once they have logged in or created a LeagueApps account, they will then be registered for the coach's program.

B. You can send the coach a link to register for the program

      1. From the coach's program page, on the left bar, under "main details", copy the link under "club team URL".

      2. Send this link to coaches and instruct them to select "Register". They will either have to create a LeagueApps account or log in to an existing account.

Step 6: Using the Integration

  1. After the date that you selected to onboard with Player's Health, the information from your LeagueApps program will be regularly sent over to your Player's Health account.

  2. As the organization admin, you will immediately get an email that your organization has been successfully connected to Player's Health.

  3. Your registered coaches will get emails from Player's Health instructing them to log in and set up their account.
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