Famer Integration

Famer supports organizations with its advanced communication tools and custom training content production to enable group and personal training programs with interactive feedback between athletes and their coaches.

The goal of this integration is to make it as easy as possible to setup and launch your Famer program for you, your coaches, and your members directly through the LeagueApps platform. By following the below steps, Famer and LeagueApps' systems will be able to sync registration information from LeagueApps to automatically be passed to subscribe athletes to the their appropriate coaches and teams or groups on Famer. This eliminates the need for downloading and sharing CSVs of data and thereby reducing the administrative time and effort to get launched and going with your program on Famer!

How Does the Integration Work?

Once the integration has been set up, your organization will follow this process:

  1. You, as the organization administrator, will create a team in a LeagueApps program that your "Famer Coach" will be on
  2. Your staff member will register for the program and team under the "Famer Coach" role
  3. Athletes register for the team with the Famer Coach on it
  4. When athletes download the Famer app and sign in using their phone number that was used during the team registration, they'll automatically be added to the team and program with their Famer Coach

Integration Prerequisite

In order to set up the Famer integration, you'll first need to schedule on onboarding call with the Famer team. Please visit their website to set up a call.

If you have an existing Famer product, and would like to connect it to a new LeagueApps program, please contact Famer directly.


Setting Up the Integration

Step 1: Create or update your program within LeagueApps

A. Set the program code

1. During onboarding with Famer, you either set up a Famer Team or a Famer Play program.

2. In order for your LeagueApps program data to sync over to Famer, you'll need to add the relevant program code to a new or existing programs. It can either be "FT" for Famer Team or "FP" for Famer Play.

3. Within your LeagueApps dashboard, go to your program > Settings > Edit Details. Set the Program Code equal to "FT" for Famer Team or "FP" for Famer Play. This is a required step in order for the integration to work. (Note: if you have another integration which uses a program code set up, you can separate the program codes by semicolons).


B. Set the staff roles

1. In order for the integration to work, you need to have a staff member whose role in the LeagueApps program is "Famer Coach".

2. You can update staff roles for your site by hovering over the Settings icon at the very top center menu in your LeagueApps Management Console, and then select Staff Roles.

3. The "Famer Coach" role can either be a new role, or can be an updated version of the existing coach role. To add a new role, select Add New Role. To update the existing coach role, select the pencil in the column under Actions, change the label, and select Update.


4. You can enable the "self registration" option so that your staff can directly register for this role. Alternatively, you can disable the "self registration" option, which means that you, as the organization admin, will need to add a Famer Coach to a team. To enable the self registration option, select the pencil under Actions, and select the checkbox Members can register themselves for this role by: > joining an existing team while registering

This is a required step in order for the integration to work.

Please note: the integration will only consider the first enrolled Famer Coach on a team.


C. Add custom form field question

1. Within your LeagueApps dashboard, go into your program's Settings > Form Fields > Add a Form Field.

2. Set the Field Name equal to "What is your Famer phone number?"
Note: You can also add content after the question, such as "This number should correspond with the device that you will download the Famer app on." As long as the words "Famer" and "phone" are both in the Field Name, the integration will work.

3. Set the Type to "Numeric", Priority to "Required", Visibility to "Public", and Apply to "Always".


4. Make sure the question is visible for any player registrant, as well as for the Famer Coach role by using the checkboxes and dropdown. Note: This is a required step in order for the integration to work.


D. Create a team for the Famer product.

1. Within your LeagueApps dashboard, go into your program's Teams > Team List. Select Add a Team.


2. Create a team that your Famer Coach will be the coach for within the Famer app


Step 2. Authenticate your LeagueApps Site ID

1. From your LeagueApps Member Console, navigate to Connect > API settings.

2. Enter a name for your credentials, such as “Famer” and select the Generate Private API Key button. If you don't enter a name, the integration will not work. (Note: the Private API Key used to be called the Service Account Key.)

3. Once a private API key is generated, a file will be downloaded to your computer and a new record will appear in the API KEYS list on the page. The name of this file is also known as the client ID. You will need both this file and the client ID in a later step.

4. In a separate tab, navigate to Connect > Integration Center.

5. Next to the LeagueApps icon, select the Connect button. Supply your LeagueApps API credentials.

  • P12 file - Upload the private API key that you downloaded from the API Settings page. It is the form of a p12 file. For example, 60febf874c68s0wekbo203.p12.

  • Client ID - Paste the name of the private API key (aka p12 file) that you downloaded from the API Settings page. The client ID can also be found in the table on the API Settings page under “Key Name”. For example, 60febf874c68s0wekbo203.

  • Site ID - Type in your Site ID. This is the string of 4 - 5 numbers found in your browser’s URL bar. For example, 42073.

  • Note: if you want to have the Famer integration set up on multiple different sites, you will need to repeat these steps for each site


Step 3. Authenticate Your Famer Account

1. After your onboarding with the Famer team, you'll receive an integration token. You will need to use it in order to authenticate your account.

2. In your LeagueApps Management Console, navigate to Connect > Integration Center > Famer tile.

3. In the Famer tile, next to the Famer icon, select Connect > paste the token > Select "Next".


Step 4. Set the Sync Schedule

1. From the Integration Center within LeagueApps, after you've connected both the LeagueApps and Famer accounts, you'll be taken to a page to set the sync schedule. The sync schedule is how frequently you want program data to sync over from LeagueApps to Famer.

2. Be sure that the sync is "unpaused".


3. Select "Save". At this point, the integration is ready to sync.


Step 5. Using the Integration

1. If you enabled self-registration for coaches, when a coach signs up with your registration link, they will register as the "Famer Coach". Otherwise, the coach will register as a regular coach, and you, as the org admin, will assign them to the role of the Famer Coach.
Note: The same person can be registered as the Famer Coach for multiple teams.

2. The next time your integration syncs, when you log into your Famer Club Admin account, you'll see the Famer Coach and their associated team.


3. When a player signs up with your registration link, they have to select the team with the Famer Coach on it.

4. After a player fills out the registration form, instruct them to download the Famer app using the phone number they supplied during team registration as the answer to the "Famer phone number" question. Once they're logged in, they'll automatically be added to their team.

5. The next time your integration syncs, within Famer Club Admin the athlete will be visible on the team's page.





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