Health Checks

With Health Checks enabled, program participants and staff can complete a brief evaluation of their health, beginning six hours before a scheduled practice, game, or event.

You and your coaches will be able to collect these Health Checks via your scheduling platform, making the process quick and accessible for your members, and ensuring a safe and healthy playing environment.

Enabling Health Checks

  • To enable Health Checks, Admins can go to any program's dashboard and go to Settings then click Preferences.
  • Under Schedule and Standings Related Preferences click the Enable Health Check checkbox.
  • When you are done making edits, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Health Check Notification

For any Program with Health Checks enabled, a notification email to complete the Health Check will be sent to the Program participants and staff 6 hours prior to the scheduled game, practice, or event.

Program participants and staff can complete the Health Check by clicking the Complete Health Check button in the notification email.


Health Check in Event Details Page

For any Program with Health Checks enabled, participants will also be able complete the Health Check in the Event Details page 6 hours prior to the scheduled game, practice, or event by clicking the heart icon.


⚠️ Health Checks currently are not available to access and complete in the mobile apps.

Health Check Form

Program participants and staff can complete the brief 4-question Health Check form once they click the Complete Health Check button in the notification email, or the heart icon in the Member Portal event details page. These self-evaluation questions are recommended by the CDC.


After submitting the Health Check form, Program participants and staff will be immediately notified if they passed or failed the Health Check.

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Health Check Review

On the event details page, Organizers, Admins, and Coaches will be able to view all participants who passed, failed, or have not completed the Health Check prior to the event.


You are also able to quickly navigate to an event's Health Check from the Schedule List by clicking on the Heart icon.



Member Toolkit: Telling Participants and Coaches About Health Checks

To help you spread the word to your coaches, parents, and players about completing Health Checks, LeagueApps has put together a communications toolkit, which you can copy + paste from. Access the Member Toolkit here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the 6-hour window, what if I turn on Health Checks for my program only 3 hours before the event?

In order for participants to receive a push notification about completing their Health Check, you must turn Health Checks on six hours prior to the event. However, participants can still navigate to their Member Portal on their own and complete the Health Check form.

What if my participant arrives to the event late, and hasn't completed their health check yet?

While a participant cannot access a Health Check form more than 6 hours prior to the event, there is no time restriction after the event starts. So, they will be able to still complete the Health Check form even if they arrive late.

Am I able to increase or decrease the 6-hour time window for the Health Check to be active?

You cannot customize the amount of time prior to an event that the Health Check form is available to complete. It is set to 6 hours by default for everyone.

Can anyone attending the game fill out a Health Check form, even if they aren't a player or coach?

Currently, LeagueApps' Health Checks are not publicly accessible. You must be registered to the program's team as a Staff or Player to fill out the Health Check form.

Can my participants who have downloaded my custom app from LeagueApps complete their Health Check directly in the mobile app?

While Health Checks currently aren't available in the mobile apps, we are actively working on this functionality. Stay tuned!

Can I add a custom message to the Pass or Fail popup that appears after my participant submits their Health Check form?

No, currently the message in the Pass/Fail popup that appears after a Health Check has been submitted cannot be customized.

Does the admin or participant receive a confirmation email with Health Check submission results?

No, currently a confirmation notification email does not send after a participant completes a Health Check form. The Health Check status can be viewed by the participant in the form completion popup in their Member Portal. The coach is able to view the status of each of their players in the Health Check tab on the Event Details page for that event. The admin can also view the status of players' Health Checks by clicking into the event from the Management Console Schedule View.

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