What You Need to Know About the New LeagueApps Login Experience

Effective February 2021, we made some changes to the LeagueApps login and account creation experience for both admins and members. A majority of these changes are to ensure that accounts are as secure as possible—we take protecting your data seriously! 

Additionally, these changes should make the account creation and login process more seamless. Now, users will only need to remember a single username and password for any organization they participate in that is powered by LeagueApps. 

For a summary of these changes, see below. 


Changes to Administrator Login Experience

  • Instead of entering your site ID, username, and password, you will now only need to enter an email address and password.
  • Once logged in, if you have more than one organizer account, you will be able to toggle between accounts easily.

Changes to Member Management Permissions

Admins can no longer directly change a members password or email address. These fields are now controlled exclusively by the member. 

  • From a member's profile, admins can send trigger an email to members so that they can make these changes themselves. Links will be sent to the email address associated with members’ accounts. For steps on triggering password reset emails, click here.
  • This doesn't just apply to users that are members, but also to other admin users. They now control their account and should be the ones to make any changes to email or password.
  • If a member requests a password reset and doesn’t have an account, they will need to create one. 
  • If a member is unable to access their email to reset their password, they should escalate the issue to the organizer who will contact LeagueApps for assistance.
  • Users cannot change their email address to one that already exists.

Changes to members’ login and account management experience.

  • When members register for a new program, they will see a modal that asks them to Log In or Create An Account  
  • For security purposes, if a member tries to change the email address associated with their account, they will need to verify they own the email address by clicking on a link sent to that address. 
  • For security purposes, when a member tries to change their password associated with their account, they must click on a change password link sent to their email address.
  • For security purposes, members will no longer be able to log into LeagueApps with Facebook. However, members can still login in with their existing accounts by resetting their passwords. After clicking Forgot password? on the login page, enter your members should enter the email that is associated with their Facebook accounts to recover their passwords.
  • For security purposes, members will always have to create their own passwords. LeagueApps will not automatically generate a password for any members. 

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