Getting Started Guide

If you're brand new to LeagueApps, you may be wondering where to begin. The following items will help get a strong head start.

Getting Started Checklist

This 6-step list will help lay the groundwork of your LeagueApps account. Please complete all 6 items before your call with our team.

1 | How To Log In

  • Go to (you'll want to save this link)
  • Enter your subdomain, username and password (these were provided by your salesperson)

2 | Connect Your Payment Gateway

Help site article

Getting Started, Part I: Payment Gateway


3 | Admin Users

Help site article

Edit Getting Started, Part II: Admin Users


4 | Form Fields

Help site article

Getting Started, Part III: Form Fields


5 | Waivers

Help site article

Getting Started, Part IV: Waivers


6 | Locations

Getting Started, Part V: Locations


Should you have any questions along the way, please search our help site for other handy articles or send us a request.

Thanks again, and welcome to the LeagueApps Family.



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