Cancel and Refund Product Orders

If a user placed a Product Order on accident or is no longer participating in a program, you are able to cancel and refund their Product Orders.

Note: Bank payments (ACH) are not able to be refunded online. You may issue a site credit as an alternative.


Step 1: 

  • Go to Reporting > Product Orders.



Step 2:

  • At the top, click Show filters to unhide the filters.
  • Where you see the filter for of product, select the orders for the product you'd like to cancel and refund.
  • Click Run Report



Step 3:

  • From the list, click on the name of a product to open the order.
  • Once in the order details page, set the Order Status to Cancelled​
  • Click Update status

NOTE: This will automatically issue a refund if the order has been paid for by credit card



For more about the product orders report, visit our help page here.

Refunds in LeagueApps return 100 percent of the refunded amount back to the cardholder.

In addition, you are credited back any fees associated with the original transaction.

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