Email Tracking

There are two ways to gain insights into email address and email message deliverability.


Member Email Statues

Each member in a LeagueApps account has a status associated with his/her email address. To ensure LeagueApps provides the best possible communication tools, we've implemented an email deliverability tool to ensure email messages sent from LeagueApps will not trigger Spam Traps- which can hurt deliverability and prevent participants from receiving important email messages. 

Email Address Validation
Email Address Statuses
Unsubscribing & Resubscribing


Email Address Validation

When a new member is created or updated on LeagueApps, the email address is validated in real-time. This prevents a LeagueApps account from collecting invalid email addresses and will improve your email deliverability. 

Email Address Statuses

As a LeagueApps admin user, you can view a member's email address status in two places:

1. Manage > Members.

manage-members.pngFilter by Email Status.



2. Search for the member, on the Members Profile you will see an Email Status listed in orange text on the sidebar. Click the Suppression Event link to see when the member's email status changed. 


Statuses Overview
Any email address that has one of the following five statuses will NOT receive emails from LeagueApps. 

Unsubscribed: The global unsubscribe link included in an outgoing email message was clicked by the recipient.

Reported Spam: A delivered email to the recipient was marked as spam and has changed the status of his/her email address.

Email bounced: Email messages could not be delivered due to a non-existent address or other problem with the email account.

Invalid Address: The email address was entered incorrectly or contains a typo.

Unverified:  The email address is tied to a non-existent account or unknown domain.

To change a member's email status, recommend that the member does one of the following:

1. Resubscribe - login to their LeagueApps user dashboard, click on Account Setting, and click the Enable Email button.

2. Update or use a new email address - login to their LeagueApps user dashboard, click on Edit Profile and update the email address.


Unsubscribing & Resubscribing

All outgoing emails from LeagueApps, both automated and manually sent, contain an Unsubscribe link, that allows a LeagueApps member to remove their email address from an organization's email list. When a member unsubscribes an email address, that address no longer receives email communications about current or future programs from the entire organization. This setting is on the Organization level, not the Site level.

If a member unsubscribes and then wants to resubscribe, he or she can do so through their user dashboard > Account Settings > click Enable Email button. 

To view a list of all members within a LeagueApps account that have unsubscribed or who have an invalid email address, navigate in the Admin console to Manage > Members and then filter to Email Status.  


Email Message Tracking

Email messages sent from LeagueApps to a valid email address will be tracked, and LeagueApps Admins can view details on the message's deliverability. 

*If you need help using the messaging portion of our email tool, check out this article first.
*In January 2018 a new Email Tracking update became available. If you have not yet upgraded your site please contact

The LeagueApps messaging tool eliminates the transmission of duplicate email addresses and ensures that each parent in a family account receives a message. Using a SendGrid integration, LeagueApps offers advanced email tracking to see who your messages were sent to and their delivery status. 

Two Ways to Track Email
Tracking Details
Email Types
Best Practices
Older Version of Tracking


Two ways to track email in LeagueApps:

(1) Site Outbox 

Messaging > View All Sent Emails


From here admins can view seven different types of emails sent from LeagueApps and their tracking details.



Click Tracking Details link to view specific email information.


(2) Member Inbox (Member Details Page > View Messages sent to Member)view-sent-emails-member-details.png

From here admins can view emails sent to a specific member and tracking details.


Tracking Details

The following details are tracked and visible in a Site Outbox and Member Inbox. 

  • Email's Subject
  • Who sent the emails
  • Type of messages sent (learn more)
  • The dates they were sent and delivered
  • Delivery Status (learn more)
  • Number of Emails Sent
  • Recipient Engagement (learn more)

Email Types

The following emails are tracked and included in a Site Outbox and Member Inbox. 

Member Message
A message sent directly to one member.

Broadcast Message
A message sent from the bulk "Compose Message" tool, that has been filtered to a targetted list of recipients. 

Bulk Program Player Message
A message sent to a selective group of players from a single program. 

Bulk Program Team Message
A message sent to a specific team from a program. 

Invoice Reminder
A message sent to an individual or a group about an unpaid invoice.

Missing File Reminder
A message sent to an individual about a missing file upload that is required. 

Invite2Join Player Invitation
Using the Player Invite tool a custom email message is sent to an individual or group that is invited to a new program. 


The following deliverability statuses are tracked and included in a Site Outbox and Member Inbox. 

The message could not be delivered due to a non-existent email address or issues with the recipient's email account such as their mailbox being full, their server being down or the message being too large for the recipient's inbox.

The recipient's email service or provider delayed acceptance of the message. 

The message has been successfully delivered to the recipient's email account.

The message was not sent because the recipient address is known to be bad or the recipient has marked previous emails as spam. 

An attempt has been made to send the message to the recipient's email account, but the email has not yet been delivered. 

The message has been placed in a queue for processing - it hasn't been sent yet, but check back in a few minutes and it the status will most likely be updated!



The following recipient engagements are tracked and included in a Site Outbox and Member Inbox. 

The recipient opened the email message that was sent. 

The recipient clicked on a link in the email message that was sent. 

The recipient has not opened the email message that was sent or there is no other information available. 

Flagged as Spam
The recipient indicated the email is spam.

Best Practices

Here are a few tips to improve your email deliverability and engagement. 

Keep your email lists clean
If a player or parents contacts you with a new email address, be sure to update the email on their LeagueApps member profile.

Keep your program rosters up to date
If a player quits or asks to be removed from a program, be sure to delete them from the program so they do receive un-wanted emails relating to the program. 

Monitor your email deliverability
Take advantage of LeagueApps Email Tracking. See which members are not receiving your emails then ask them if they have a new address or to update their spam settings. If a member gets your emails delivered but is not opening them, your emails may be going into a spam folder; double check with the member so they can start receiving your communications. 

Read more about Email Bounce Management from SendGrid, the leading email service provider that LeagueApps uses. 

Older Version of Email Tracking

*email to get a free update to your Email Tracking
You might have noticed that the number of recipients is different from the number of emails sent. This is a scenario that happens most often in youth accounts where the number of parents is different from the number of players. The main reason for this is that we don't want to send duplicate emails to parents and we also want to make sure that everyone has access to every email they have subscribed to.

The number of recipients tracks the number of players the email was sent to, while the number of emails sent tracks how many actual emails were sent from our system. Below are some examples that would lead to these numbers being different:

A scenario where Total Recipients > Emails Sent: For Youth/Mixed sites, if you send an e-mail message to a program where a parent has two children enrolled in a program, then the Total Recipients count is incremented by 2 while the Emails Sent count is incremented by 1. We do not send one parent the same e-mail twice.
A scenario where Total Recipients < Emails Sent: For Youth/Mixed sites, if you send an e-mail message to a program where a child is enrolled in a program but has two parents associated with their family account, then the Total Recipients count is incremented by 1 while the Emails Sent count is incremented by 2.

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