Program Grouping

Program Grouping and Session-Based Programs are features that will help you better organize and structure your programs! Program Grouping allows you split a program up into multiple "sub programs." This is a great feature for a situation where you want to break down a master program into sub programs by age group, level, or other distinguishing factors.


Program Grouping allows you to create a "main program", which will then house multiple "sub-programs." These related "sub-programs," conveniently organized in the same place, are completely customizable and act independently from one another.



Set Up Program Grouping as an Admin

The example used for this article is an AAU basketball team. The team is one unit, but also divided into separate age levels. This team has a U12 and a U14 team, both under the "DR's Awesome AAU Team."

Step 1:

Create a new Program: Manage > All Programs > Create New Program



Step 2: 

At the top of the "Create a New" page there will be the option to create a Group Program. When this is selected, then a second option for Session-based programs will appear. (Session based programs are covered in this article)

Step 3:

Enter the information for your main program and select "Create".

Step 4:

Now that your program is created, it's time to create Sub-Programs. In the case of a Club or AAU Team these could be age groups. Select "Create Sub-Program".

Step 5:

Enter the details for your sub-program, and select "Create Sub-Program".

This newly created sub-program functions exactly like an independent program, however it is housed underneath the main program. 

​View of Sub-Program

View of Main Program

​​Here is the view your users will see. They will have the option to register for the sub-programs, not the main program.

Now that you’ve learned how to set up Grouped Programs here are some different ways you can use them!

  • A league with several age/skill levels
  • A club team with teams at different age levels
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