Accessing Member Details

LeagueApps keeps track of your member’s activity over time, enabling you to better understand their involvement and engagement with your programming. You can access member details from the management console by either searching for that member using the site-wide search


See the below screenshots for an example of what member details look like on a user's profile:



Or search for them by hovering over Manage and selecting Members:




You can access the following information for each member:

  • Join Date
  • Last Login Date
  • Member Profile Information
  • Programs registered for
    • Program Name
    • Program Type
    • Program State
    • Registration Date & Status
    • Payment Status
    • Total Invoice Amount per registration
    • Balance Due per registration
    • Sum of Invoice Amount for all registrations
    • Sum of Balance Due for all registrations
  • Current Registrations
    • shows all registrations to programs in upcoming & live program state
  • Past Registrations
    • shows all registrations to programs in completed program state
  • Credits
  • Member Note
    • Note is only visible to admins from the management console
    • Note can be exported from Manage > Members
  • Waivers

Additionally, you can initiate the following actions on a member:

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