Top Programs and Program Summary Report

The Top Programs and Program Summary reports provide you with important data about your programs at a glance and can be customized to include or omit information as you see fit.

The Top Programs report is accessible from the bottom of your management console dashboard right when you log in as an administrator.

The Program Summary is accessible via your account's reporting section or by clicking the View Full Program Summary from the Top Programs section.


Customize View

  • To customize what is included, navigate to the Full Program Summary either by going to Reporting at the top of your management console or clicking the View Full Program Summary button your dashboard.
  • Once there, click Customize View.


  • Select the data points you want displayed
  • Click Save.

These changes will affect both the Top Programs and Full Program Summary reports. 

Export Summary Data

  • To export the summary data, navigate to the Full Program Summary.
  • Once there, click the Export to CSV button.
  • Choose the data points you want included in the exported file.
  • Click Export.

Sorting Programs

Sorting your program summary is only available via the Full Program Summary.

  • Once there, place your mouse of the column header you want to sort by
  • Click either the ⬆️ or ⬇️ arrow to sort the programs by ascending or descending order.


Frequently Asked Questions

What programs are included?

Top Programs and Program Summary will only show Live and Upcoming programs. Programs marked as Completed or Unpublished will be excluded.

Why don't the numbers on my summary match what was deposited into my bank account?

The program summary reports will display total invoiced amounts before fees are deducted. To reconcile deposits or see details transaction data, it is best to reference one of our other reports.

Why aren't all of my programs showing?

The Top Programs report will show your top-20 programs ranked by invoiced amount. For this reason, it is recommended you keep this program clean by setting old programs as Completed. This can be done from a program's Edit Details page.

A program just went missing from my summary. Where did it go?

In some circumstances, LeagueApps will automatically set a program as Completed when its activity end date passes. To find the program, navigate to Manage then click All Programs. Once there, set the filter to Completed to see past programs. To return the program to you summary, extend or delete the program's Activity End Date and set the Program State back to Live.

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