Attendance Report

Do you want to gain better insight into your programs' attendance? Find out which programs have the highest RSVP rate or lowest attendance rate.

The Attendance Report allows you to view metrics for RSVP responses and attendance metrics through LeagueApps Check-in. Learn how to run Attendance reports and extract valuable data from your program history. 

Step 1: Find the report

  • To access Attendance Reports, navigate to Reporting.
  • Then click Attendance.


Step 2: Setting filters

Filter the report using the below criteria to display a single event or custom grouping of events.

  • Program Name
  • Program Type (League, Tournament, Event, Camp, Club Team or Class)
  • Event Type (Game, Practice, Class, Event, League, Camp, Other)
  • Start Date


Step 3: Viewing the report

After running the report, you will be presented with a list of calendar events for the filters you set in Step 2. Clicking the number under the Checked-In column will show you the players that were checked in to that particular event.


Step 4: Export data

This entire report is exportable to a CSV file, allowing for advanced Attendance analysis.


  • Program: Name of the LeagueApps Program, links to the Program's Dashboard.
  • Event: Calendar Event name, links to the Event's Profile.
  • Event Start Date: Start Date of the Calendar Event.
  • Total Participants: Total number of registrants for the program.
  • RSVP (Yes, No, Maybe, No Response): Count of participants for each RSVP response category.
  • Checked-in Attendees: Total amount of participants and staff that checked into the event. The value is linked to the Event's check-in page, so Admin users can see names of players or staff checked-in.
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