Captain Tools: How to Message and Invite Free Agents

As a Team Captain, you will have access to Message and Invite Free Agents to your team. These features allow the captain to invite players into their team and gives them a method of communication within their LeagueApps Member Portal.

Viewing the Free Agent Pool

Step 1

To get started, you'll have to login into your sports organization's LeagueApps site and head to your user dashboard.

  • On your user dashboard, you will see programs you are currently participating in under My Registered Activities.
  • Clicking on the program name listed under the PROGRAM column will take you to that program's profile.

Step 2

View the players' page.

  • From the program's profile, select Players from the righthand menu bar.

Step 3

Filter by Free Agents

  • At the top of the Players page, change the Role filter from Any Role to Free Agent. Then click Filter.

You are now viewing the Free Agent pool!

Messaging Free Agents

Step 1

Click Send Message.

Step 2

Craft and send your message.

  • Here, you can craft your custom message. You may also choose to send yourself a copy!
  • When you are finished, select Send Message at the bottom.

Inviting Free Agents to Your Team

Step 1

Select Invite to Team.

Step 2

Craft a message and invite the Free Agent to your team

  • Select the team to which you are inviting this Free Agent.
  • Craft a message, then click Send Invite!

Once the invite is sent, the Free Agent will see the invitation in their email. They can also accept the invitation from their user dashboard:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a coach follow these steps to invite a Free Agent to a team?

No. This function is reserved for team captains only. This action is typically only required for adult leagues, where there are typically no coaches. 

Why can't I see the Players tab?

Unless you are the team captain, or the viewing permission has been set to Everyone, team players (non-captain) cannot view the program's players.

I'm not a captain but still see the players tab. Why?

The admin has set the view Registered Team and Player Visibility permission to Everyone.


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