Parent & Player App Guide

Here is a guide for your team's app. If you have questions about your schedule, roster or team communication ask your coach or team administrator. 


Getting Started
How do I download my team's app?
How do I log in to the app?
How do I find my team?

How do I share or update my availability using RSVP?
How do I sync a schedule to my phone?
How do I view a game or practice location?

Roster & Communication
How do I view a Team Roster?
How do I update a Player's Profile?
How do I contact a player or coach?
How do I message the entire team?


Download the app

1. Open the Apple or Google Play App Store on your phone.
2. In the App Store, search your team or organization's name; you should see a recognizable logo!
3. Download the app and find it on your home screen.


Enter your LeagueApps Username and Password and click [LOGIN]
This is the username and password you used to register for your team on LeagueApps. 

To enable Push Notification for Team Messages, Schedule Reminders and Changes click [Allow] after logging in to the app for the first time. 

Once you log in, choose your team from the Team page to access the schedule, roster, and messaging.


Team Schedule

RSVP to share your availability for practices, games or any team events. From a calendar event click the RSVP button and then submit your response.  
You can update your response at any time and view others' responses. 
 .    .      

View event locations and open driving directions right on your phone, by clicking on the location of a calendar event in the app.


Sync your schedule to your personal calendar. From the app Schedule Page, click the [ + sign], then Subscribe to Calendar. 
Click here to learn more about how the LeagueApps Calendar Sync works. 


Team Roster

From the Roster you can view player and staff information like Name, Jersey Number, Position, and more.*

From the roster, you can contact a player or staff member directly by clicking on the name and then choose the desired communication method [Call, Message or Email.] *

*Roster displays and information may vary due to custom privacy controls set by your team administrator.


There are multiple ways to communicate with the app.

Roster Page - Contact players or staff directly from the Roster by clicking on the person's name and choose the desired communication method [Call, Message, Email.]

Messages Page - Send a message to the entire team through the message page.
Click [Create New Message] or [Reply] to send a message to the entire team. The message will be delivered to the team via email, in the app, and as a push notification.



1. I don't have an account, what do I do?
Visit your team's website and register for the team; then use those credentials to log in to the app.
2. I forgot my username and/or password, what do I do?
You can use your email instead of your username. Click [Forgot your password?] and then enter your email address. You will receive an email shortly to reset your password. 

3. I'm not on a team, how do I use the app?
You need to be registered with a team to use the app. Visit your team's LeagueApps website and register for the team; then use those credentials to log in to the app.
4. I don't see my team, what do I do?
Contact your coach or team administrator to confirm you are registered with the correct team. 

5. How do I edit a player's information or picture?
Login to your team's LeagueApps website. On your member dashboard, click [Edit Profile] make the desired changes and then click [Save Changes].

6. How do I contact a player or coach?
From the app's roster page, click on the person's name and choose [Call] [Message] or [Email].


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