Typically a one day/one-time program; commonly used for tryouts, an end of season gala or other non-sport related events.


Getting started on your Event

To get started on your new Event, head to the main dashboard.

Under Quick Links, click Create a new program. From the available program types, select Event!

The first step to creating a new program is providing the Program Details. 

Program Details 

Here, determine:

  • If this is a standalone program, a grouped-program, or session-based program
  • Basic program details, including sport, gender, visibility, and more
  • Program name, dates, and a program description

Check out this article for more on Program Details

Next, determine the Registration Options.

Registration Options

Here, determine:

  • Allowed registration types (i.e. Free Agents, Team Players, Program Staff)
  • Program capacities
  • Payment settings

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Your program is now ready for registration! However, you can customize your program even further.

Payment Plans (if applicable)

If using payment plans for a program, they are a separate price structure from the Registration Options‚Äč.

For more on Payment Plans, check out these help articles:

Form Fields

Here, determine:

  • The information you need from your registrants. 

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There are several important settings found in the Preferences section, including:

  • Schedule & Standings related preferences
  • Game/Event Reminder Email preferences
  • Registered player and team details/roster visibility preferences

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