Bank Payments - Delays and Failures


Bank Payments offer your coaches, parents, and players an additional way of paying.  Your customers can choose the payment method that works best for them.

Unlike credit cards that can be processed instantly, bank payments take a longer time to process.  It typically takes 5 business days for a bank payment to clear, and after that 1-2 days to be transferred to your bank account.  These times will vary depending on each bank and the time of day the payment was made.  Because of this delay, there are some key differences that you should be aware of as an organizer and administrator.


Email Notifications

Bank Payments can fail if a person does not have enough money in their account (and does not have autodraft set up) or if they select a bank account that is not allowed to make online transactions.  A bank typically lets us know if a bank payment fails in the same amount of time it takes for a successful payment to go through, about 5 business days.

When a failure occurs we automatically send the customer an email about the failed payment.  The email will let them know that they need to return to the website and make another payment.  You will be copied on this email so you are aware of any failures on your site. 


You can run a Transaction Report to view a list of failed bank payments.  Simply select Transaction Type for “Bank” and Transaction Result of “Failure” in the filter options to view.   You can choose to save this report to quickly access that list in the future. 

Things to be aware of

When a user pays with a bank account, we will assume that the payment will go through.  If you have any capacity limits the registration will count towards those capacity limits.  When a failure occurs, the invoice and payment details will be changed to an UNPAID status to reflect the latest information.  If you would like to remove the participant from the program you must do that manually.  You may decide to do that immediately or after a set number of days after the participant has had a chance to make a follow up payment. 


Bank Payments will show up on various reports at different times based on their status in the payments workflow.  

Transaction and Transaction Detail Report

Bank Payments will show up immediately.  Their status will be PAID and will remain that way unless a failure occurs. There will be a new column for type, which will let you know how the participant paid. 

Gateway - Payments

Bank Payments will show in your Gateway - Payments listings after they clear, which is typically after 5 business days.  The Date column will reflect the date payment was initiated. 

Gateway - Balance

Once the bank payment clears, it will show up in the Balance report with status of PENDING.  After it is successfully deposited in your bank account the status will change to SUCCESSFUL.  If the payment fails, the status will display as FAILED and the amounts will be zeroed out because no funds were deposited into your bank account. 


Bank Payments and Credit Card Payments operate on a separate timeline and the funds flow into your bank account in a slightly different way. Because of that, you will see two separate Transfer listings when bank payments are present.  There will be one line item each day for both Credit Card and Bank Payments that are transferred to your bank account. Typically, your credit card transfer will be for payments that occurred 1-2 days prior, and your bank account transfer will have occurred 8-10 days before.  You can still click View Payment to see all the associated payments with that bank transfer.


Once your funds have reached your bank account, the date of deposit and the transfer batch will be included the Transaction Detail Export.

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