Launch Package and LeagueApps Invoice Payment

An invoice generated by LeagueApps for your organization can be paid through the admin console. These invoices may include your initial launch package, monthly fees, website hosting fee or branded app fees, etc.

To complete invoice payment

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of your management console and then the Manage Account link that pops up below that.
  2. Find the Billing section and select Invoices
  3. Find the unpaid invoice (with the red button) and select PAY NOW
  4. Enter or edit Billing and Credit Card Information and click Submit.

On successful payment, your supplied credit card information will be stored for recurring payments of LeagueApps monthly transaction fees invoices.

Payments will appear on your credit card statement as charges made to LeagueApps.

LeagueApps will send a monthly email invoice to the address of the primary administrator account (under General Details ). A second email address to receive billing notifications can be entered in the billing info page .

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