How to manually assign or invite coaches to a team

Many youth recreational leagues and club teams assign or invite coaches to teams after players register. Follow the steps below to find out how to manually assign or invite coaches to your teams.

Assign Coaches

Step 1

Login to your LeagueApps account as an Admin and select Manage > Members.



Step 2

Search for your coach in your member's list by typing their name or email in the search bar and click Apply filters. Once you find the appropriate member, click their name.



Step 3

 Once you're on the coach's member profile page, select the program to assign them to by finding the program under the drop-down- menu below the Program Staff Registrations field. Click Add once you find the corresponding program.




Step 4

You will be prompted to select the following options:

  • Staff Role
  • Assigned to Team (if the team is not created you can choose create team)
  • Team Name (if not already created and in the dropdown list)
  • Expected number of team players (if program is configured a certain way)
  • Any additional form field questions your organization requires. (note: you can skip over these and allow the coach to fill them out afterward by logging into their member portal)
  • Click the green Save Staff Member button at the bottom.


You're all set! You've successfully assigned a coach to a team.


Invite Coaches

Step 1

Login to your LeagueApps account as an Admin and select Manage > All Programs.

Step 2

Search for the desired program, and click Teams

Step 3

On the Team Listing page, click the action icon to Invite Staff. 


Step 4

Enter the staff emails and other details on this page. Then click Send Invites.


Step 5

To view Staff Invitation statuses, navigate back to the Team Listing Page and click on the Team's Name

Step 6

At the bottom of the page click, Pending Staff Invites


You're all set! You've successfully invited coaches to a team. 



  1. Why am I receiving an error that there is no password/ password confirm specified when assigning and saving a staff member?

Answer: Sometimes your computer settings cause fields to autofill. If you toggle on the grey toggle at the top of the page that says Also Edit this user's basic profile fields the member's profile fields will expand toward the bottom of the page and something will be autofilled in the area you are receiving the error for. You can delete whatever was autofilled and save then save the member. 

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